A little technical background for me.

I am always learning something new and adding to this list. This page shows off some of my experience and the many technologies, languages, frameworks, etc. That I use and have experience with.


  • Java Script

    My first programming language. I love JavaScript and use it every single day. As a full stack developer, I use JavaScript for both front-end and back-end development. Started teaching myself JavaScript in 2019 and have been using it ever since.

  • HTML

    The basic building block of the web. After learning Java Script I went back and made sure I learned the fundamentals of good semantic HTML. Even though most days I use the HTML abstraction JSX in React.

  • CSS

    CSS is the language that makes the web look good! I have learned to use it in so many different ways. From CSS, SASS, Styled Components, Bootstrap, Tailwind CSS, and more. Tailwind is by far my favorite way to write CSS.

  • C#

    I learned C# on my own while experimenting with Unity. I have used it to make a few small games and projects as a hobby when learning about game development.

  • Python

    I have some experience with Python as a part of an online course about AI and Machine Learning, which I find very interesting. However I am no expert at Python.


  • React

    I love React! I use it for all of my front-end development. After learning Java Script I started learning React and have been using it ever since. The React community is amazing and I love the ecosystem.

  • Next JS

    By far my favorite way to build websites and use React is Next JS! Since learning Next JS I have used it for all of my React projects. I love the integrated API routes, file based routing, and the amazing developer experience.

  • Node JS

    I use Node JS for all of my back-end development. Being able to code in the same language on the front-end and back-end is amazing and made learning Node JS a no brainer.

  • Tailwind CSS

    I can not imagine writing CSS any other way. Tailwind CSS is by far my favorite way to write CSS. I love the utility first approach and the amazing developer experience. I use it for all of my projects and it drastically speeds up my development time.

  • Express JS

    I have had a ton of fun creating APIs with Express JS. I love how it integrates with Node JS and how easy it is to use and build APIs.

  • Three JS

    One of the coolest frameworks I have ever used. I took an extensive online course about Three JS and learned how to create 3D scenes and animations using JavaScript. I learned a lot about 3D graphics and how to use Three JS.

  • React Native

    I have used React Native to create a few mobile apps without having to learn the native languages. I think it is super cool how easily it makes transfering over you web development skills to mobile development.

  • Salesforce Lightning Web Components

    Working at a company that uses Salesforce I have learned how to create Lightning Web Components. I have worked on many custom components and have learned a lot about the Salesforce platform.


  • Kontent.ai

    Working at a company that uses Kontent.ai I have obtain a developer certification and have learned how to create and manage content using Kontent.ai

  • Prismic

    Prismic is a great headless CMS and is my CMS of choice for most of my projects. I love the developer experience and the amazing features that Prismic offers as well as the affordability.

  • Strapi

    I am familar with Strapi and have used it to create a few side projects like a simple blog and even a helpdesk ticketing system with authentication.

  • Salesforce

    While no expert at the Salesforce CMS I have had the oppurtuinty to work with it while developing lightning web components as a frontend developer and have learned a lot about the Salesforce platform.

Development tools

  • Visual Studio Code

    I have used Visual Studio Code for all of my development since I started learning JavaScript. I love the amazing developer experience and the huge ecosystem of extensions.

  • GitHub

    GitHub is my favorite way to practice version control and host my code online. I use it for all of my projects.

  • Postman

    I use Postman to test and plan out my API calls before I start coding. It is a great tool for testing APIs and I use it for all of my projects that include some sort of API integration.

  • GitHub Co Pilot / Chat GPT

    Using Generative AI has helped me code faster and more efficiently is amazing! I have been using GitHub Co Pilot and Chat GPT to help me code faster and the auto complete suggestions are awesome. I am excited to see how this technology evolves.


  • Figma

    Figma is an essential tool for me when it comes to designing any UI/UX for a front end application or website. I use it to design and plan out all of my projects before I start coding.

  • Photo Shop

    I use Photo Shop as a tool to manipulate images and create graphics for my websites. I am no expert at Photo Shop but I know enough and it helps me create interesting graphics for my projects.

  • Blender

    I have used Blender to create 3D models and animations for some of my projects. I am no expert at Blender but I know enough to create some cool 3D models and animations. I got into Blender after learning Three JS and it is a great tool for creating 3D models and animations.


  • Microsoft 365

    I have used Microsoft 365 in both a small business and corporate setting and I am very familiar with all of the apps and services. I have run an entire Microsoft 365 environment for a small business as well as a technician for a larger corporate company.

  • Azure

    I have experience using Azure in both personal and work setting. I have used Azure AD to manage users and groups both independently and with an active sync to a local Active Directory.

  • Intune

    Intune is a great tool for managing devices and users in a Microsoft 365 environment. I have used Intune to manage devices and users in combination with Azure AD for a completley cloud based environment.

  • Active Directory

    I also have experience working with a traditional Active Directory environment. I have used Active Directory to manage users and groups in a local network environment.

  • Atera RMM

    I love using Atera Remote Managment and Monitoring in combination with Intune to manage devices and users in a Microsoft 365 environment. It allows more direct control over devices for troubleshooting like remote assistance, registry and file system access, running scripts, etc.

  • Networking Infrastructure

    I have networking experience with setting up full networks from the ground up. I have set up routers, switches, access points, firewalls, and more. I have also worked on setting up larger corporate networks as part of a larger company.

  • Ticketing Systems

    I have experience using ticketing systems in large companies to manage and track tickets. I also built my own helpdesk ticketing software as side project, see the source code on my projects page.

  • Cloud Backups

    Familiar with backing up cloud infrastructures such as Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace using a varity of SAAS tools.