A little about me

I am a Software Engineer in Londonderry, NH. I work as a full time software engineer at a full-service digital consultancy agency. I've worked with companies of all sizes, from small local businesses to large corporations. My passion is to always be learning and evolving while offering the most cutting edge and stunning websites to my clients.

I have always been intrigued by computers and technology throughout my life. However I never really considered getting into coding as something I would enjoy doing. I went to college for Business and Marketing and got my Bachelors degree in that. Along the way I got into software development and building websites by accident.

I worked at a small mortgage company as a videographer of all things. I really liked video editing growing up so this was a really fun job for me. Somehow I became the person everyone would go to when their computer wouldn't work or anything remotley technical had issues. One day my boss randomly asked me to build an app for the company and I said sure! Even though I had no idea how to do it, I hacked together a pretty "decent" app using xcode and swift, not understanding anything I did.

From there I was hooked and the feeling of building something from scratch and seeing the results was what got me. After that I enrolled in my first online course on Javascript and worked on it everyday before work. Dozens of online courses and side projects later I am proud to say I am a full time self taught software developer. Since then I have worked on dozens of projects both by myself as a sole developer and on a larger team.

I don't just code though. I also love learning about just about everything and trying new things. I'm and avid runner and love being outside. One of my latest obsessions is snowboarding on the weekends, every weekend to be exact. I love all types of music and always have something playing whether I'm running, driving, working, or doing nothing at all.